Cluster No. 1


Our Cluster No. 1 Collection consists of the following, all in Salt.

 - 87 Degrees Small Pot 300H x 600MM

 - 87 Degrees Large Pot 650H x 500MM

 - 86 Degrees Range in X-Large 850H x 600MM

Valued at $1,605

Pickup available at HIBERNATE WAREHOUSE

Usually ready in 24 hours


Shipping will be calculated at checkout. Our standard freight charge includes delivery
to the street level and has no allowance for rubbish removal. If you require a tailgate delivery or a removalist service to position the pots and remove rubbish, we can arrange this service and provide a quote. This will be in addition to the standard delivery charge.


Care Guide

While our pots are durable, care should be taken so they do not get scratched or marked.

Handle carefully near walls and when rotating the pots, it is best to pick them up rather than rolling, as they may scratch if rolled on the base.

Pots can be dusted down with a smooth cloth and marks removed with a wet cloth and a natural spray cleaner (if required).


Handcrafted from reinforced fibreglass, making them durable but lightweight. They are handpainted in a matte finish.