Design and Functionality.

Hibernate was born from the desire to create environments at home and work that you enjoy living in. Designed by the team at Secret Gardens, the handcrafted products develop a natural connection between people and place. Created by chance, the Secret Gardens team were always looking for quality products, particularly lightweight pots, and when unable to find suitable options, decided to design their own for Secret Gardens projects and clients. People started asking where to buy the pots, and a new business was created.

Drawing on a strong understanding of architecture, interiors and landscape design, the team at Hibernate has a deep appreciation for the importance of design, aesthetics, and materials. We live and breathe, creating beautiful spaces.

Hibernate pots, fire drums, numbers and letters range are designed by us. They are handcrafted from quality materials and craftsmanship,and each product will have slight imperfections and colour variations. This is what we love about them.

We have also curated a selection of products and brands we admire to complement our Hibernate range. Organic plant care products, beautiful garden tools and accessories, beach towels and umbrellas, bags, and picnic rugs.

Softening both outdoor and indoor spaces.

From homes to workplaces and hospitality venues, the Hibernate range of contemporary homewares helps to create a place to escape the stresses of everyday life and find comfort in natural surroundings. Hibernate is designed to complement the needs of any customer, enhancing outdoor environments, both commercial and residential, with an organic yet refined sensibility.

The range consists of a variety of shapes, available in 3-4 sizes. they are constructed of fibreglass and painted in four contemporary colours - Stone, Slate, Salt and Clay.


Our pots are handmade from lightweight fibreglass makes them durable and versatile.


Hibernate pots, firedrums, letters and numbers are handcrafted. Each product will have slight imperfections and colour variations. This is what we love about them.

Designed by Secret Gardens

30 years of design experience, working with talented craftspeople to bring our Hibernate range to life


Driven by a desire to create spaces you do not want to leave, the Hibernate brand and products were born.


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