Stay home with Hibernate, a range of handcrafted, organic homewares from the team at Secret Gardens.

Love where you live.

We put over 25 years design experience into a range of contemporary homeware products.

Driven by the desire to stay at home and enjoy your outdoor space, the Hibernate brand was created. Our products are designed to be beautiful, functional and create an environment you don't want to leave.

The first range, Hibernate pots are handcrafted; consists of a range of different shapes, sizes, colours and textures to suit all spaces.

What's your angle?

Each Hibernate pot range was designed with a specific angle at the base of each pot. Available in 4 angles - 86, 87, 90 and 92 degrees, there are 4 colours and a range of hanging, tall, short and ribbed, offering a solution for all spaces in your home.

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