Snip in style with these hand-made SYU Secateurs with camel leather trim. The thick leather provides comfort and durability, and the more its used the comfier it becomes and you'll notice colour changes.

Designed to fit most hand sizes, these secateurs have been hand-made in Japan using Japanese carbon forged steel. All class, they come delivered in a gift box and are unlike any other secateurs on the Australian market. 

Handmade in Japan

Size : 190mm

Weight : 220g

Blade Length: 55mm

Material: Forged blade steel

Maximum cutting capacity: up to about 15 mm Attachment: Spring

Care Instructions: These scissors are made with high carbon steel tools. they can rust if not cared for properly. please make sure to wipe them clean and dry after use. If you're planning on storing them for an extended period of time, we recommend oiling them