Hidehisa Mini Flower Shears Black

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Hidehisa Mini Flower Shears are especially designed for pruning flower stems and are ideal for florists or anyone who loves to take cut flowers from the garden. Unlike other indoor plant shears, Hidehisa scissors have small handle rings for ease of inserting the blades' edges on to intricate branches or stems.

Due to their size they are also perfect for pruning small houseplants.

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Care Guide
  • Do not cut hard objects such as wire and dried flowers with these scissors. These floral scissors and secateurs are specifically designed to cut raw branches and stems and the blades are finely adjusted for this purpose.
  • Do not sharpen the back of the blades if you are not familiar with Japanese shears (concave).
  • To maintain the sharpness and if you are not using them for a while, say 6 months, we recommend you apply a drop of Japanese camellia seed oil around the rivet.  Open and close a few times and wipe off any excess oil.

Stainless Steel two-piece high grade Japanese Steel. Handcrafted in Japan by Toyama family who have been producing top quality blades since 1861.

Size: 13.5cm

Weight: 100g

Blade Length: 6cm

Maximum Diameter to Cut: 1cm

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